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Gurukulam Global School is an independent, privately-owned co-educational day school that provides International Programs through Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi from Early Child Education. ‘We are committed to provide quality education that will equip every pupil with the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of a changing society’.

We believe effective learning is possible through practical ways of teaching. The ratio of teacher to student at the Gurukulam is about 1:30, which makes way for maximum individual attention. So good study habits are developed which are increasingly important as the child grows older and takes responsibility for his own learning. Our students pursue excellence through a hands-on, inquiry based, learning through discovery philosophy. They will accept the challenges of open-handed problem solving activities, effective communication, leadership, understanding and responsibility.

In this community, there are several opportunities for the holistic development of students. And the schooling system has been so designed to ensure that every inmate in the Gurukulam develops the qualities of honesty, loyalty, resourcefulness, integrity, courage, sociability, self-confidence, cooperation, strength of character and leadership skills.
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Gurukulam Global School

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